sunday worship

one Service: 10am


IRPC encourages everyone to be well rounded in their faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here are four ways to experience a more complete Christian life as a member of the family of God. Let us know where you are in your faith journey and well will come alongside you to help you achieve a spiritual mature that knows no measure.

GATHER: Worshiping and fellowshipping together as the family of Christ serves to encourage one another in our faith. It builds relationships upon which we can rely in difficult seasons of our life. Gathering together is more than just greeting one another, it is a genuine expressing of love.

GROW: Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means more than just being a follower. It is a commitment, a conscience, intentional, deliberation action to learn everything we can about Jesus and to become more like Him.

GIVE: Giving of oneself is the greatest expression of love. It is what Jesus did for us! Giving can and should be reflected in all aspects of our life including the gift of our time, talents, and treasure.

GO: Jesus commanded his disciples (including us today) to "go and make disciples of all people (Matt. 28:19). It is only right that we express our love for Him by obeying his command. It is only natural for us to express our love for Him by sharing His great love with others.

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