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our news

Although we are living in a time of uncertainty, we continue to plan for the future. Our weekly worship services have resumed, we have taken action that will help GraceWay Village develop a family life transition center, and we prayerfully continue to search for the person God has called to be our next Senior Lead Pastor. Please check back with us for updates as we seek Jesus and the growth of His Kingdom.


IRPC Members continue to support Graceway Village, this time by selling it property. At the May 6th Congregational Meeting, those present at the church and participating by ZOOM voted unanimously to sell the West Campus/Hartman Road property to GraceWay. The terms of the sales included a significant gift to the organization originally birthed by IRPC. The sale of the property was a necessary step in GraceWay's pursuit of developing a family life transition center. Thank you GraceWay for making our dream of having a safe place for families in economic transition become a reality.


IRPC seeks to keep its members informed using social media, emails, and yes, good old-fashioned newsletters. The "SonScriber", our monthly newsletter, contains information about the life of IRPC that may not be found elsewhere. It includes information from our Women's Ministries, Pastor and staff program directors, IRPC Ministry Partners, and much more. We invite you to peak into our world by opening the links below to recent SonScribers. ENJOY!

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