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COVID-19 Protocols

IRPC continues to follow recommended COVID protocols.  Currently, persons fully vaccinated may enter and exit the campus without face coverings.  However, those who have not been vaccinated are encouraged to use face coverings and social distrance to the extent possible.  

"Join the IRPC Family"

To learn more about IRPC and whether it might be a good fit for your family and you, please click here to get started.  A new member's class is being planned for Winter 2021.  Contact Al at al@irpcfamily.org should you wish to attend.  


IRPC seeks to keep its members informed using social media, emails, and yes, good old-fashioned newsletters. The "SonScriber", our monthly newsletter, contains information about the life of IRPC that may not be found elsewhere. It includes information from our Women's Ministries, Pastor and staff program directors, IRPC Ministry Partners, and much more. We invite you to peak into our world by opening the links below to recent SonScribers. ENJOY!

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